• Motivate your audience to take action

  • Build the best engagement and loyalty programs

  • Across all your web and mobile platforms

What we do

We believe people's motivation is fuelled by meaningful, personalized and rewarding experiences.
We build a world-class SaaS platform that lets you create, deploy and manage those experiences.


Our marketing solutions

We provide customized and results-driven solutions
for marketers with ambitious acquisition, engagement and retention goals

We are a team of hackers, data-scientists, gamification and marketing experts and we would love to hear about your projects.

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How it works

We work hard on our technology so that you don't have to .
Enjoy amazing results in just a few steps for you and your team.


Our SaaS Motivation Platform

How our technology works for you, nice and easy

Listen to your audience actions

Visits, sign-ups, sign-ins, opt-ins, content discoveries, likes, shares, comments, purchases, check-ins...

Listen to your audience behaviours, it's the first step to respond to them and influence them.

Respond with real-time motivation scenarii

Points earning, missions completion, ranking update, levels achievements, virtual goods collection...

Use gamification mechanics to build the scenarios that will motivate your audience to do much more with you.

Integrate across all your relational media

Websites, mobile applications, facebook applications, intranet, enterprise social networks...

Integrate through our best-in-breed RESTful APIs and/or JS tags library wherever your audience like to interact.

Monitor results and edit your programs

Get real-time insights about your program's performances, manage different administrations rights to edit all or part of your program.

Motivating people is all about aligning their core desires and your goals. Our platform let you implement the many mechanics that do that.

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Kelly Slater

How it is to work with us

We don't want to spoil the surprise, but usually it's pretty great !


The way we serve you

Program definition

We help you pick the mechanics best suited for your target audience and your goals.

What you get
game cases
game book
game design

Program setup

We set our APIs and JS tags library up so integration comes as easily as it gets.

What you get
customized plug-ins
quality tests

Program run

We make sure your program meet your goals and beyond.

What you get
AWS hosting
analysis and recommendations

Our success stories

Some great names we helped over-achieve their goals and outmatch competition


Our clients rock. We make sure their marketing programs do as well.

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Meet the founders

Inventing and building things together since 2011.


Sebastien Burgain

CEO and Co-Founder


Aurelien Merdassi

COO and Co-Founder

Lamine Lang

CTO and Co-Founder

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